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Thursday, February 10, 2011
  "Vivre Sa Vie"

Sunday, December 12, 2010
  'the signs, they mock me as i go' - robert mapplethorpe

Sunday, December 05, 2010
  New York's finest: Ying Chu!
If you want to know what is the shizniz, wots 'poppin' off'... check out Ying's new Winter collection!  He is sewing up a storm in his Chinatown basement apartment... just like a good little gaysian baby!  Check him out... one of the greatest loves of my life.  I love you baby buddha!


Saturday, December 04, 2010
  “Apollo is the genius of the sole path to true redemption through illusion.”

Danger will follow me now
Everywhere i go
Angels will call on me
And take me to my home
Well this tired mind
Just wants to be lead home
  You just have to laugh in the end because it's all a big joke.

p 75 of "The Birth of Tragedy" by Nietszche: “If he sees here, to his dismay, how logic twists around itself and finally bites itself in the tail, there dawns a new form of knowledge, tragic knowledge, which needs art as both protection and remedy, if we are to bear it.”

above: a shot of a piece of wall from "The Sweet Ones" shot by Andy Lin. (legs belong to model Shannon Claire Tillery)

Saturday, October 02, 2010
  crumbling foundation
So there's a couple of houses in the middle of nowhere, we like to call the "murder" houses (because they look like the perfect setting for a horror film).  It's basically an abandoned home that has crumbled to bits and is super fun and illegal to play in.  So Matti and I... go there often.  Ha.  Recently the floors in one of them have completely caved in, and the floors that are still there are extremely close to caving.

So we went in and decided to do a shoot in there the other day... and walk all over the bouncy moulding caving floors.  We don't care much for our lives, so although the outcome resulted in us getting away alive... we were not averse to the opposite possibility.

Thankfully, at least our surviving allows me to show you some of the 'behind the scenes' shots if you will.  In my next post I'll post some of the finished photos!

That's me going down the fun 'caved in' kitchen slide!  
It was actually a lot scarier than the photo allows you to see... but
one thing that does come across well is the fact that I was a very filthy girl after 
being done with this!

Some great textured wallpaper... some people would pay
thousands to achieve this antiqued wall look I bet...

Very cozy living room as you can see....not too
far from the loveliness of some apartments you find
on craigslist!

And here we go, there's me getting all settled in on a comfy, hygienic couch (cough)
Believe it or not we found lots of in-tact children's toys in this room.  So we took them...

Saturday, September 11, 2010
  Being a Dickhead's Cool!
aaaaaahahaha!!! "basically i'm a part time blogger and i started my own jewelery line which is like a mix of religious iconography and kind of has got a saved by the bell vibe"

This is the funniest Youtube thing I have seen in a long time!  It's smart and SPOT on!

Saturday, August 21, 2010
  The concept of Innocence, and the concept of the Fall
Innocence is ignorance - but how is it lost?  It is not my intention to report here all the ingenious and absurd hypotheses by which the beginning of history has been encumbered by thinkers and speculators who only out of curiosity are interested in this great human affair we call "sin".  I do not do so, partly because I would not waste other people's time by reciting that on the learning of which I have wasted my own time, and partly because the whole thing lies outside of history in the twilight where witches and speculators ride a race on broomsticks and sausage-pegs.
-Kiergegaard, Works of Love

Upon driving around the countryside Matti and I discovered an old barn selling rotting randomness and to our pleasure we came upon the most delightful box of old buttons with fading colours and chipping and rusting.  These buttons are another inspiration for our collection now.  Especially the colours... is this innocent enough?

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