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Friday, May 28, 2010
  how to self-destruct in ten minutes!
Here we go, M.A.S.H. with no shame!

Thursday, May 27, 2010
  sorry to keep bragging but...
I finished my 6th day today fasting from facebook.  I had an amazing day.  Kelly's boyfriend Logan brought all of his old tees to sell in the store so I officially now have a rack for the boys here at the sweetunz!  Kelly and I also spent a LONG time googling how to play M.A.S.H because it's been so long that we completely forgot how it goes!  I won't tell you what my results were, that's a secret... video to come shortly! (it's kind of a big deal...a video of us... our faces... moving? what more could you want for a ten minute period of time on the internet video viewing scene?)  ...we are the coolest internet video scenesters.  the proof is below:

In the meantime, if you forgot what M.A.S.H is... refresh your memory... everyone needs to remember what it was like to play this game as a kid.  Remember how much you really believed that whatever your result was, was actually going to happen?  Like we'd get all upset if we ended up with a shack or something.                  M (Mansion) A (Apartment) S (Shack) H (House)  >>> HOW TO PLAY

Oh ANd, cheCk out my cool new flyer that I made today (I'm constantly amazed at my consistent outpour of brilliance... it just keeps coming... who can stop me? No one!  "Oh ma lord she draws unicorns too... we can't even keep up! We surrender, ur majesty!")

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  day five facebook free...ya ya!
Believe it or not, I consider this a big deal!

On the fifth day off facebook, my new life gave to me... an amazing employee, Kelly!  Ha ha.  Kelly K. worked in here today so that I could go ride my bike around Brooklyn and chill in the park... and get some sun... cuz I get called snow white a lot when I walk down the street.  I used to think that only happened in foreign asian countries, like when I went to Thailand when I was 18.  Apparently not!

Today in the life of a facebook-free individual, I found that Brooklyn is installing sandboxes on the sidewalks?  LOL.  Amazing.  I'll bring my bucket and spade next time?  Hm.... 

I also realized... the Williamsburg bridge is pink apparently? Wow!  Are they customizing the city for me now?  Sandboxes and pink bridges? Amazing.

My new favorite place to vacay is a tree in the park at 13th and Bedford... McCarren? I doubt I spelled that right.

I like my shorts apparently enough to show you them...

...meanwhile.... back at the Bat Cave... missy was making the store look BEAUTIFUL!  She made it feel so much more summery and colorful!  And she says she had the most romantic time with herself today working in the store... she was inspired to keep playing with things and couldn't stop.  Thank you! It looks so good!

It looks like candy!!!  That's how we like it here.  Yay us, we rule!

  i was hangin' out with Miley tonight... yes, I'm cool like that...
oh gosh, i'm so embarrassed to admit that i have famous friends, but anyways... this IS my life and it's crraaaayzzzaaay!  Some people ask what she's like and I say "oh, she's just bein' Miley".

...ok I found her in the trash outside a costume store... my friend Jason LOVES Miley... I mean, his dog is even named after her! So we grabbed her!  Oh but get this, there was not just one, but actually TWO Miley's that had been thrown away!  So now I have my own Miley for my store, and Jason has a Miley to guest Dj with him at the Skinny! haha.  I think she could also rack up quite a few free drinks from sleazy men if we just sat her by the bar all night... aaahahaha.  Ok you know what?  When everyone else is off vacationing out of town, we gotta grab every last bit of excitement we can find and squeeze it to the last drop!  ;)

She definitely gives new meaning to the name... "The Skinny"

Sloppy, Miley, very sloppy! (well she didn't eat anything all day so...)

ahhh... biffles forever.  I really can't believe sometimes, how wonderful my friends are.  My favorite quality in a truly good friend is one that knows how important it is to keep it real, you know? 

(ooooh, ur biffles just got pwned!)
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  end of day three off of facebook... phew. life's ruff man!
That's not me, that's anita ekberg, in case you got confused for a second. (i get it all the time, it's ok... jk... sort of... ok i got it once!)

Sooo... three and a half days without facebook.  I am on a facebook detox/fast.  I'm passing my time right now by going through all my old notebooks and typing up anything seemingly useful or interesting.  I found some stuff that brought me back to one of my favorite movies of all time, La Dolce Vita.  This film is a consistent source of imagery on my dream board for my perfect future, ha.  I will talk about this film and reference it all the time if you ever know me well enough to have more than one conversation with me.  Ya, I pretty much am constantly referring back to this movie! 

 here's the notes I found about La Dolce from a notebook I had written in 2008...I'm quite impressed... I totally forgot that I still thought about things back then... so weird:

In the practical world people do what they have to do to get on with their lives, but these people who are in a much more abstract universe aren’t in that position.  They don’t have quite that kind of energy or the needs that people in a slightly lower level of society have.  These people derive their energy from the people they encounter.  You can tell the difference between the lower society peoples' attitudes and their attitudes.  The people living in the towns that they pass through want to know about things while they really don’t want to know about things.  It interferes with their drift, their sort of vague sense of superiority.

Mastriani's character... in the movie...he fancies himself as a more serious writer than writing items for trashy papers but he doesn’t quite have the energy or the commitment to do anything more than kind of wistfully suggest that he is superior to the way that he makes his living.

Men please take note here:  Male movie stars have always been a reluctant lover.  Guys who are too eager for the girl have never been very attractive to women.  Mastriani (Marcello) was among the most reluctant lovers you ever saw.  He played the elusive male better than anyone.

I have to say, whatever I wrote in 2008 is proven extremely relevant in all of my experiences since writing that... and therefore, yay me for having once again gained a strange foresight through the process of seeing the world and figuring out the world through the joy and pleasure of watching movies!

(ok it appears i have no life but I also excavated from my old notebooks an old screenplay I'd written, and it's actually really funny... so...shut up cuz I'm going to be famous bitch!)
Monday, May 24, 2010
  this would be a good t-shirt, don't you think?
  You have all the access in the world. Learn about your people and help the ones who are not used to being helped.

If you want to understand people, I suggest this book to you. 

Jung: Philosophy: Get with it.

Here is an excerpt that I excavated from one of my old notebooks from last year.  When I read a book this good, I copy down a lot of my favorite excerpts.

Man and his symbols:

“And I want to thank you above all for your unfailing tact and patience in helping me to circumvent the painful cause of my neurosis.  I am now ready to tell you everything about it.  If I had been able to talk freely about it I would have told you what it was at my first consultation.  But that would have destroyed my rapport with you.  Where should I have been then?  I should have been morally bankrupt.  In the course of ten years I have learned to trust you; and as my confidence gre, my condition improved.  I improved because this slow process restored my belief in myself.  Now I am strong enough to discuss the problem that was destroying me.”

This is why I always say, everyone has their reasons for what they do and cannot do, how they act or don't act.  It takes patience and understanding but for those who we care to help, the gratification when the day comes that they are helped, is all the reward you could ask for.

Film: Fantasy: Building Your Reality: Get wivvit!!!

LAURA: "It all started on an ordinary day in the most ordinary place in the world — the refreshment room at Milford Junction. I was having a cup of tea and reading a book that I got that morning from Boots. My train wasn't due for ten minutes. I looked up and saw a man come in from the platform. He had on an ordinary Mack, his hat was turned down and I didn't even see his face. He got his tea at the counter and turned. Then I did see his face. It was rather a nice face ... He passed my table on the way to his ... 'Oh please, could you give me a glass of water? I've got something in my eye and I want to bathe it.' That's how it all began, just through me getting a little piece of grit in my eye. I completely forgot the whole incident. It didn't mean anything to me at all. At least I didn't think it did ..."

Here's a great movie you can watch if you just want to appreciate those fleeting things that make all the difference in the world.

It's called "Brief Encounter"...

The WW II generation's "Lost in Translation."

Sunday, May 23, 2010
  success. day two with no facebook. watch my girl for dressing inspiration. i think it's beautiful.

weeping willow with your tears running down, why do you always weep and frown?
is it because he left you one day, is it because he could not stay
on your branches he would swing
do you long for the happiness that day would bring?
he found shelter in your shade
he thought his laughter would never fade
weeping willow stop your tears
there is something to calm your fears
you think death has ripped you forever apart
but i know he will always be in your heart.

  they can never steal my joy.

“just a little girl, big imagination, never let anyone take it away.”  (Spice Girls lyrics)
  i keep thinking i have the coolest store in new york city, maybe even the world... and then it gets COOLER!
i built the tree house last night.  i'm going to keep improving it and upgrading it, as any home owner would do with their pride and joy.  maybe we need to see a show called "pimp my tree house"?  i think it took me like 5 hours total to do this... time flew actually... it was a hell of an effort though.  you have no idea how many times i almost killed myself trying to balance these walls up while simultaneously trying to nail a board into tha base.  also, behind the front window is a big drop into my basement, so it was a very precarious situation altogether - livin' on the edge! woo!  this is going to be fun to mess with... sweet?  ya, pretty sweet. ;P

...aaand.... FINNY!


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