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Saturday, May 22, 2010
  officially day 1 off facebook...
I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and finally got around to doing it.  I'm starting to make my own pairs of wierd leggings.  This is the beginning of the first pair - they're knee high granny nylons that I got for 25 cents at an antiques market.  So I don't have to worry if they turn out crappy ;)

Leg shot had a purpose - to show the legging.  I have no reason for the next pic below... except that I would feel bad if you didn't get to see my face.  It's quite necessary you see my face often, in all my blogs... I know you love me bitch!

My friend Jermaine's wallet... this is why he's my friend.  You would be friends with someone who had a wallet like this, wouldn't you?  If you wouldn't, I don't think you should tell me.  I won't be your friend.

I had brunch at Benny's Burritos.  If you can't tell by the word burrito in the clarify, it's a mexican place. ha.  I really like to get chocolate chip pancakes at my brunches, personally.  But clearly a mexican place doesn't do pancakes.  Maybe they could have thrown some chocolate chips into a tortilla for me... but I'm a traditional kinda girl.  So I was very close to not ordering, knowing there was a starbucks around the corner and I could just get the chocolate chip coffee cake on the way out... I really just go to brunch to see my friends anyways.  BUT, at the last second, I saw a sign on the wall at benny's saying they do a chocolate chip cookie for $2.25.  Good enuf!  Mexican chocolate chip benny cookie pancake! Yum!  Ya... I that's my cookie, those are the normal people eating proper brunch items... I'm such a classy uptown kinda girl, you know? ;P

...aaaand... my dad came into town today with my mom (from Canadia)... and brought me some wood to build the tree house I've been wanting to put in my store.  Many people have offered to help with this venture, none have actually done anything... soo... as usual, I do this on my own.  I don't complain because it means I get all the credit when it turns out to be AWESOME!   I hate you all. Just kidding.  (i hate you). 

(I call that proof - that's a silk dress, a hammer, those are nails holding the wood together...and pedicured foot... clearly.)

I'll keep you posted.  Gnite.

Friday, May 21, 2010
  Canada, Peanuts, Beautiful Losers.

Thursday, May 20, 2010
  Pierrot Le Fou. Pierrot the Fool.

Pierrot:  The moons only inhabitant is running away as fast as he can.  Why?  Because he’s fed up.  When he saw Leonov land, he was glad.  I’ll bet! Someone to talk to at last!  He’d been all alone for an eternity.  But Leonov tried to stuff his head with Lenin.  When White, the American landed, he fled to his camp.  But as soon as he saw him, White jammed a coke into his mouth and made him thank him first!  So now he’s fed up.  The Americans and Russians can shoot it out, he’s going away.  

Pierrot: I, who love you…
Marianne: And you, who reject me…
Pierrot: As long as we want to run…
Marianne: It’s too much like fate. 

  Heaven is in black and white... but here on earth we were given colours to play with to see why they're there. Playing while knowing you do not need them, worries dissolve into air.

Wings of desire.

A woman in the rain who folded up her umbrella, and let herself get drenched.
A schoolboy describing to his teacher, how a fern grew out of the earth, and the astonished teacher.
A blind woman who sensed my presence, and groped at her watch.
It’s wonderful to live as spirit and testify for all eternity, to only what is spiritual in peoples’ minds…but sometimes I get fed up with this spiritual existence.  I don’t want to always hover above.  I’d rather feel a weight within.  Casting off this boundless freedom and tying me to the earth.  At every step, every gust of wind, I’d be able to say “now”, “now” and “now”.  No longer “forever” and “for eternity”.

if nature is a balance.

what is the sun if there is no darkness in which to light?
how could the sun rest if it had no night?
i don't want to be a clean canvas on for others to write.
this purity is for something as pure-
i can follow you alongside. 
heaven, my friend,
is in black and white.


Here's a great photo from a shoot my friend Serichai styled at my store... the photography was Andy Lin and that model there is Shannon Tillery and I'm pretty sure she's an angel too.

  Coachella heaven.
Some moments from my Coachella trip this year... me and 6 of my friends rode in a hippie van across the entire country, and ended up in this euphoric sound heaven where I literally felt happiest just laying on the grass and closing my eyes, knowing that at that moment I was safe - I didn't have a single care in the world.  And by the way... these daisy dukes... they got me into the festival for FREE!  Yes, I had no wristband and walked right through and the man said "come back!" and I did and he said "those shorts look nice on you, have a good day".  I kid you not! haha!

I have no idea who this girl is in the black and white dress... I think she thought we wanted her in our picture? lol.

Why does Coachella feel like a dream?  Why was it so easy to rest and sleep and be completely in bliss surrounded by the music of my friends?

Tantric tradition calls rhythm the sound power or the heartbeat... of the absolute.

What is the absolute?  Indulge in learning something really interesting today:

I love philosophy and probably think way too much... but I'm a writer.  I observe and I write things down... so that one day, when none of you remember what happened, I'll be here to retell it all... and it will sound like dances with the Gods... it will be perfection... as if it was all a myth.

  "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

At Sloane, NYC, my new friends' store at Mott and Broome (Soho).  Here they take vintage and turn it into magic... they party and nap in the basement, commune on the roof on sunny days... and are the personification of hippies living out the myth of New York City "like it once was, a place where misfits magically gravitated to one another at the chance crossroads of a creative revolution." (/Bollen, Interview Mag. Feb 2010)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
  ooh la la, charm is more valuable than beauty.



Ralph Lauren floral skirt and jacket, silk Chloe top...Michael Kors brown suede boots...
...vintage jean skirt with tiered ruffles... B.W.C.B velvet leggings (by my friends Ying and Hiraku!)... Vintage silk floral tunic top, Vtg fuzzy top hat from the 30's... (LOVE!!!)... and the black suede boots with the gold zipper are also vintage... duuuh! It's a vintage store! We love vintage! ahhh! :) muah muah muah! <3
  I know we're cool.
I've started a rack in the store completely inspired by the Italian Riviera and South France and a bit of rock and roll. My favorite places to be in the world, and just to get you in the mood for what is pretty much my ultimate dream setting, here's a little video you might remember by Gwen...


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