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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
  "Hello Princess. Angel. Sweet One" (Winged Desire)

As my friend Janet Passanante said to me the day I looked like cotton candy... "You are iridescent to me right now". 

...That's how I feel about some of you people.  I knew exactly what she meant by this.  In a city like New York, where there once was so much colour... now feels like a graveyard of retrospectives about the things that lit up the past.  It is fun to bring this light into the present by watching movies, appreciating the art we have in the museums here, and of course, attending "retrospectives" about various artists from a greater time when artists - for a brief moment - ruled this town with their bright light.  I am not trying to say we don't have art now. I'm just saying - I don't feel enough of a powerful presence in the air, that is inspiring anyone to see anything besides what is adult, smart, and cynical.  I feel darkness.  I feel stiffness and restriction.  I feel perfection, attention to detail.  Hard work.  I feel a huge depth.  But not a lightness.  Not a freedom.  Trying so hard to be forward and live up to some great expecations of our future, but sometimes forgetting where that spirit of forwardness even comes from (imagination, dreams... and seeing both through into something physical).  It comes directly from all the things we dreamed about as a kid (but maybe forgot how to believe in).  "You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.  You are sleeping"  

New York is about focus, speed of pace, professionalism, adulthood, responsibility.  Towers and towers of buildings, containing adults with jobs earned by resumes.  Suits earned by jobs.  Houses full of art, paid for by the money earned from the job earned from the lessons taught by the schools built by the adult people.  

Follow me along this train of thought for a moment. Allow me to blow your mind (hopefully blow it completely so that you have the pleasure to stop thinking and go play again).  Do these adults know the irony of what they are doing?  Do they know that they are buying the art from the children?  The very people that didn't have to go through the system - are the people the adults are now giving their hard earned money BACK to.  So they can put a piece of the light these child's players emanate - into their homes, play the light that is their music, wear the light that is their clothes. 

"The Children" are artists.  "The adult people" are the taught.  The ones that sat and listened to teachers tell them how to do it.  Instead of going off and just trying to figure things out... figure out why we do this that way, and that this way, etc.  The taught, ironically, are spending a portion of what they work for - to pay for what the children made without being taught a thing.  The clothes the children played with until they looked pretty nice.  The music they fiddled around with until it sounded pretty nice.  The decor they played around with, the paint they sloshed around with.  Everything these adults can also play around with themselves... but are too busy.  Putting those extra hours instead, into a job that may be stressful at times, overwhelming at times, trapping at times.  But they keep going.  Like a machine.  To earn some extra dollars, to pay for the extra luxuries... that are the things that the artists made themselves... from the purity of the essence of their connection with the soul of the life around them and inside of them.  Run on sentence, much?  It's because I am free to follow down the path of the sentence, without worrying about what is coming out of me, because I know it will be pure, so long as I keep myself consistent with my beliefs and therefore pure in as far as who I am goes.  So sue me.  Literally, try.  That was my favorite line to my parents when I was a kid.  My other favorite line was "oh ya? What are you going to do to me if I don't listen to you? Hit me?  You never ever would."  Why did I know they wouldn't?  Because they knew me.  They knew I would scream back at them "Look at you.  Look at what you've just done. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?"    

What am I telling you?  Life is a big circle.  People grow up to have kids, only to be taught by their own children... what they already knew when they were kids.  But forgot.  

Because nature is full of circles.  Everything is one big "O".  Ohm. One. Particles are circles.  The earth is a circle.  The solar system... a circle.  One big, revolving, retrospective.  Don't believe me, watch the Lion King, brought to us by Walt Disney, perhaps one of the most beautiful and strong lights to shine down on America.  He was the biggest kid of all, was he not?  He was also a genius.  Genius enough to know that the day you tell yourself you cannot stop and play - is the day you've been outsmarted by the very people who outsmarted themselves.  Out of their own happiness.  What am I saying?  I'm not saying quit your job and go become a painter.  I'm saying work less.  Play some more. BALANCE your life.  You may be less wealthy, but in your extra time you can build a house just as big as the ones that cost millions.  Take a ruin and make it your palace. Take a rag and make it your ball gown.  Take a wall and make it your canvas.  Get messy, paint your face, wear stickers, bejewel things, add lace to what is dull... embellish things in your spare time.  Embellish everything.  See the potential beauty in EVERYTHING, the beauty that you could grant... if only you allowed yourself the rest, the time, the peace amidst a city that is chaos.  Most importantly, allow yourself to not care about what your play results as.  It was just fun to have done it.  

Sometimes the only way to truly see what is going on... is to look in black and white. Michael Jackson knew this... what was the name of that album? Oh ya, see?  A reason why my favorite shows of the recent NY fashion week were Katie Gallagher and The Row - both collections coming from our new youth, showing both sides of our nature.  Light and dark.  Nature is balance.  The perfect being is the balanced being.  Hermaphrodite comes from the name of the goddess Aphrodite, who was well known for being irresistible.  Why?  Because she was equal parts man and woman.  Attracted both sexes.   She was as balanced as nature could get.  The epitome of nature's perfect balance.  But to balance, we must know what is limiting us.  Try too hard to be all adult all the time... you will feel the weight of the dark and not even know why you can't see the light.  Black to white and back again. 

The Olsen Twins' premiere runway show of their collection "The Row" (NY Fashion week 2010) - again I had the blessing of being present for this moment in history.



Katie Gallagher's show at the Soho Grand.

TODAY, I feel the potential for a larger presence in America, in terms of artists expressing joy in their work on a larger level.  The band MGMT to me, are one of the most powerful forces of joy in terms of artists in the public eye.  Joy has it's way of finding it's company, in the same way the misery does.  A big reason why bands like U2 become huge fans of bands like MGMT, and yearn to be around the next generation of joy is because, I would think... they probably want to help in any way they can, to make sure they flourish and spread like fire.  This leads me to a story I have been dying to share for a while, because it was a life changing moment for me.  You don't get these moments often, but when you do, they are a landmark that you'll never forget.  Remind me at any given time, and I promise you I can cry with gratitude at the drop of a hat...

I got to have dinner at Bono's house in Eze last summer.  His wife and kids were there, it was his daughter's birthday.  The Edge was there as well.  The house was stunning, and down a little path, through the brush, was another house.  Smaller, stunning, old, charming... bright with soul.  This second house on the property (which was now a guest house) - was the original house on the property, before they expanded and built the main (larger) home next to it.  The original house was discovered before their band was quite as big as now.  They pooled all of their funds together between the two families (Bono's and Edge's), to purchase this little heaven in South France (right on the water).  In this home, the two families lived for some time, with just two bedrooms.  It was tight quarters, and some people would think that so many people (kids, wives, friends visiting...musicians practicing)... would be chaos.    But as Bono explained... this was not the case at all.  I cried when he told this story and talked about how it was the most beautiful time in their lives.  These people all loved each other.  They were all friends.  They ate all their meals together, made music together, played tennis on the roof, swam, played more music... and all of this love and joy was the foundation of their music... lifting it up to levels of joy that could penetrate nations - and did (and continues to do so).  Bono said that anyone would have called them crazy, who were they to be buying such an extravagant property.  It's price to them back then, I think it was 1.5 million - was a lot of money to them at the time, for what was essentially a ruin and a major fixer upper.  But they made it happen, because it was their dream.  What he said next was the most remarkable thing.  He said, "music built this home. family built this home. friends built this home. LOVE built this home".

Proof that love is real. Proof that dreams can happen when friends come together.  Proof that there is a higher way of living.  It's right here, under the Riviera sun.  In Eze, looking over the beach.  In the company of your creative peers, your family, your loved ones.

Good friends are hard to find - but when you do, they can be like angels... and maybe they are.  When someone has the power to light up your life, it's an unspoken knowledge that there will forever be a deep, deep love for one another.  I was blessed to be given these friends when I arrived in New York.  Not so many people are quite as lucky as this.  I feel so grateful for them.  They saved me with every moment that I felt myself die a little, want to give up, stop fighting for the principles which I believe in.  Like the space that unites every person on this earth - they were and continue to be - always there.  Tapped into this unity, we feel each other.  Their pain is our pain.  Their sadness directly affects our own ability to be happy.  Their happiness directly affects our ability to feel joy.  This is what united truly means.  When you are truly tapped into the forces of the empty space that flows between the lines and unifies everything - we feel the necessity to think for the happiness of the WHOLE, instead of attempting to think only for the self.  I love everything.  The nothingness brings us together, connecting everything.  We are everything.  This is how we learn to truly care.  Understanding this - you will forever be propelled to breathe goodness into this space.  Let it spread at the speed of wind.


Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is generally known as the property of certain surfaces which appear to change colour as the angle of view changes. Iridescence may be seen commonly in soap bubblesbutterfly wings and sea shells.

The word iridescence is derived in part from the Greek word iris (pl. irides), meaning "rainbow", which in turn derives from the goddess Iris ofGreek mythology, who is the personification of the rainbow and acted as a messenger of the gods.

As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other[1], and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. 

                                                       My cotton candy outfit.  "Iridescent".

     I ripped the dress playing on the pole.  They are just clothes. It's more fun when we feel free enough to let them rip.

                                                            Adding colour to a sad place.
                                                                     ..."back at the lair...."


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