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Monday, March 22, 2010
  how many wonders can one times square cavern hold?
Ying and Hiraku.  They've been designing their first line together, B.W.C.B (Bitches With Cigarette Burns), which is going to be in my store in.... less than two weeks.  In the meantime, I have been making due with stealing their clothes right out of their apartment... haha.  Micaela and I slept over at their apartment in Times Square again last night.  We watched the movie "Singles".  I've decided Matt Dillon is really hot, in a really gross kind of way... that reminds me of the brooding teenage boys who lived on my street that used to make stink bombs with my brother... and I'd always want to join in... until I realized what they put in the plastic bag to make it... stink.

Oh my gosh and the redhead character in "Singles" was soooo bad and good and stupid and amazing and.... uuuugh!  My idol, my idol!!!  Such a tard, in a really cute, sweet, "bless her soul" kinda way.  Like in the same way that my friend Matti always used to say "ur endearing, Alyssa, because people always love to root for the retard!" Ahhhh!  Hahaha.  So "Singles" was amazing.  Ying and Hiraku watched it last summer and that movie single-handedly defined their wardrobe for that summer.  Very 90's. Oh my gosh, and there was this scene that gave me an idea for a video I want to make... the scene where that redhead chick pays a guy $20 to shoot her dating video... and it's the most... amazing... i... can't... even.... uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!!   It was too amazing... too amazing... too.... why didn't I think of.... must... make... video.... now.

Moving on... let's talk about the real reason I sleep over at theirs... the shopping I do in their dirty laundry piles!  Cuz they've always got like.... a bazillion amazing things... that I "borrow" (cough).

Like... this top that Hiraku made last summer... shredded it... and is so over it cuz he wore it all last
summer soooo... it's my turn!

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