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Monday, March 01, 2010
  My princess fairy tale life in this fairy tale city!

Hi everyone! (whoever you the shadows...)  - As you may or may not know... I have a store, it's a vintage store, it's kind of the most amazing store in the whole world.  But I'm modest.  (I could have said the Universe).  Actually, I really just love it because it's who I am and there's no bull shit happening in this place.  So it's like...if you walk into my store and you don't like it... then you don't like me! (and then we'll never be friends... so if you want to be friends and don't like it... keep your hatred of my store to yourself... ha).  I AM AWARE THAT MY GRAMMAR IS TERRIBLE RIGHT NOW.  (I actually did study grammar and english and also know how to write properly but being that this is more like my train of thought... I feel not obliged to adhere to silly gross adult rules!).

...Anyways!!! Welcome!!! I'm sorry for the mumbo jumbo that exists in the paragraph above.  My name is Alyssa Nicole Pallett.  As you may or may not know... I am a Princess.  I am also an angel.  And a Sweet One.  I love to dress as such.  The past few months in New York city have been the most amazing months of my life thus far.  I am so happy to have something to water every day and care for and watch grow. (my store).  Just avert any confusion from here and forward, I wish to warn you that I do love to use garden metaphors and metaphors of the nature-kind.  I love trees. I have two trees in my store.  One is made of plumbing tubes and plaster.  The other is made of chicken wire and papier mache (consisting of old film school notes... because I was too poor to purchase paper and too time-bent to go trash diving for newspapers!).  I ALSO HAVE A SWING!!! the coming can expect to see photos and proof of the above (mystical) things that I claim to have in my store.  My friend Micaela (she is from L.A. and often gets mistaken for Taylor Swift...) HAS A CAMERA.  She likes to TAKE PICTURES with this camera!  Oh happy days... someone around me to constantly document my outfits and the playground happenings that occur inside of my playground store.  Are you looking forward? I hope so.  I have an amazing life.  And, being poor, I also have a hilarious life... because of all the remarkable irony's and full circles...revelations... etc etc etc...

Let's begin with today!

This date is the first of March. Last year at this time, I was in London at a 20's theme Prohibition party dressed up in a vintage 20's dress.  This is a really cool 360 experience, because being March  2010 now... exactly one year later... the big IN thing is... 1920's! How do I know this? A: because I am intuitive. But since intuition (according to Jung) is not logic-based and therefore an ignorant thing to place decisions solely upon - I have a B: Marc Jacobs says so!  Don't believe me, argue with his recent fashion show... ooooozing with OBVIOUS references to that era!

 For the past while, this has been my MOST favorite era of clothes to collect because vintage 20's pieces are so delicate and represent a time when people were experiencing liberation. I also love that you will RARELY find a piece from that era... with a TAG in it!  They were all hand-made!!!

Anyways, a year ago today:

So yes of course, one of the biggest inspirations for my spring looks right now... spring from beautiful 20's era clothes... not unlike the stunning Marc Jacobs show from the recent New York fashion week... a show which I... remarkably had the honor to attend and it was actually a tear-jerker (I was...crying...oh dear...)  The thing that made me emotional was just the realization that if Marc is a genius and a forward artist...then I must be a genius too, because I feel that with a bit of duct tape and safety pins and a bunch of vintage to rework I could have made that  collection!  Ha, I mean, I've been collecting 1920's vintage pieces obsessively ever since I opened my store, and even despite the fact that I was warned not to delve into vintage before the 1940's era (because they're too difficult to sell, too delicate..blah blah blah...). Well who's laughing now? Marc just set the trend and now people are coming into my store for 1920's pieces!   We are both geniuses, is what this means. I could have done that! (if I attended fashion school, knew how to sew, had 30 yrs more experience and... was a designer...cough).

 I usually stay away from the fashion world of new, because I find the job of digging through the past to be far more rewarding and educational - but clearly I was MEANT to be at this Marc Jacobs show.  It assured me that I am going in the right direction, and I can now push forward with all of my crazy ideas (I have a LOT of them!), knowing that if it's good enough for me, Marc would have done it too! (or probably is doing it... and with a larger budget... and better resources... ohhhh SHIT! haha!)

Marc Jacobs, NY Fashion week, 2010:

Now ..... enough of the 1920's.  I'm also feeling the 1960's because this was another liberating time in this century.  But don't worry, you won't have to start collecting your 1960's gear yet, that trend will be for 2011!

TODAY, my friend Micaela and I woke up and decided we should get dressed (as this is usually something to be decided... the other option was... stay nude and frighten customers... with my... being nude and all).  After getting dressed, we decided (put a lot of thought into this)... to go walk around Soho and take some pictures, since today is a beautiful sunny day, the snow has melted, and it feels like spring.  So that is exactly what we did... and these pictures are for you, specifically taken with the idea of posting them on my new blog...because... as Grace Coddington said in "The September Issue" documentary... "if you've got nowhere to put your work, then it ISN'T VALID"

Micaela is wearing a vintage 60's Oscar De La Renta from the store, and I'm wearing a mishmash of randoms... the bag is Chloe, the sunglasses are Prada, the leather jacket is Zara believe it or not... and the rest is just...old.)

Micaela: "Let's shoot today, I was thinking tango theme"
Me: "Let's just go for a walk and take pictures"

...and off we go. So much for tango. So much for a professional shoot!


...When we got home I wanted a picture of this slip over my skirt because I think it's so cute. I just pinned it with a safety pin to give it that crinkly at the bottom. I mean, I don't sew... so I do the same thing I did when I was a kid.

Great start darling... and we'll never stop being a kid right.... no need... pwease be kid forever
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