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Monday, March 08, 2010
  so if you want to know why we do these things.
To get to that place where love and home feel safe.

So I watched the movie 'Mean Creek' yesterday.  It's the second time I have seen it.  The first time I watched it was about 4 years ago.   There was a quote at the end which I wrote in a journal of mine.  Last summer, I started to try writing a screenplay again.  So, as I do, I picked up my old journals to remind myself what I was all about.  Ha.  Sometimes you forget!  So in going through my old journals last summer, I read that quote for the first time since I'd written it four years ago.  When I watched the movie again yesterday, I heard the quote again... and it reminded me why I do all these silly things that I do.

Last September I came up with the idea to open a store after walking into a shop that was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined in terms of the vintage clothes that were there.  I mean, every dress I picked up showed me the way to a more beautiful life.  It gave me ideas of places I wanted to be in that dress, people I wanted to be with in that dress... things I wanted to say in that dress... dances I wanted to dance in that dress.  I went home with so many things and little did I know, they were going to sit there in my apartment reminding me every day that I was missing out on something.  Remind me that the people that wore these amazing clothes were not people who worshipped concrete.  They worshipped richness, texture, depth, sheen, sparkle, softness, structure, flowiness, elegance...

It was just one of those things that strike you in your gut and you just know your time is up and things either have to change or you are stuck in a dark place not knowing what is around the corner... like sleeping beauty.   When you've fallen asleep you don't know how many years you will stay there before something triggers you to get up.  I just couldn't risk not knowing my future - there were too many things I wanted to do.  Here I had been for years just expecting someone to come and save me... what a waste of time!  It was like.... DUUUUH!  I have to save myself... DUUUUUH!!!  It could be years in waiting for something that can't even find you because your cries are so quiet.  I find screaming to be much more effective.  So a store, to me... was like this place where people cannot just brush by you and you are gone in a second.  I am kind of here, like right here... smack dab in the middle of the street like a child in a candy store with it's feet planted in the ground screaming what candy it wants.  Maybe that's why the vintage store "Screaming Mimi's" was called SCREAMING Mimi's! ha.

 ...little screamers... screaming little children.  I love it.

"But… one day people will know.
One day people will know because that’s my master plan.
So that one day… some... highly evolved species will find it and … understand." - Mean Creek.  

So Ying and Hiraku called at 2 am and invited Micaela and I to go have a sleep over at their apartment in Times Square.  It's a bit of a trek to be making at 2 am so we asked... will there be candy?  And yes... thanks to 24hr 711's  there was candy.  And then we all watched Tu wong Fu - and I would HIGHLY recommend this movie if you really want to see what brightly coloured clothes can do to a town! Lmao.  It was 90's brilliant.

Vintage Chloe bag... (let's make this seem somewhat like it's related to fashion... ha)

Su loves your blogs :)
i love Su!!! :)
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