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Saturday, May 22, 2010
  officially day 1 off facebook...
I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and finally got around to doing it.  I'm starting to make my own pairs of wierd leggings.  This is the beginning of the first pair - they're knee high granny nylons that I got for 25 cents at an antiques market.  So I don't have to worry if they turn out crappy ;)

Leg shot had a purpose - to show the legging.  I have no reason for the next pic below... except that I would feel bad if you didn't get to see my face.  It's quite necessary you see my face often, in all my blogs... I know you love me bitch!

My friend Jermaine's wallet... this is why he's my friend.  You would be friends with someone who had a wallet like this, wouldn't you?  If you wouldn't, I don't think you should tell me.  I won't be your friend.

I had brunch at Benny's Burritos.  If you can't tell by the word burrito in the clarify, it's a mexican place. ha.  I really like to get chocolate chip pancakes at my brunches, personally.  But clearly a mexican place doesn't do pancakes.  Maybe they could have thrown some chocolate chips into a tortilla for me... but I'm a traditional kinda girl.  So I was very close to not ordering, knowing there was a starbucks around the corner and I could just get the chocolate chip coffee cake on the way out... I really just go to brunch to see my friends anyways.  BUT, at the last second, I saw a sign on the wall at benny's saying they do a chocolate chip cookie for $2.25.  Good enuf!  Mexican chocolate chip benny cookie pancake! Yum!  Ya... I that's my cookie, those are the normal people eating proper brunch items... I'm such a classy uptown kinda girl, you know? ;P

...aaaand... my dad came into town today with my mom (from Canadia)... and brought me some wood to build the tree house I've been wanting to put in my store.  Many people have offered to help with this venture, none have actually done anything... soo... as usual, I do this on my own.  I don't complain because it means I get all the credit when it turns out to be AWESOME!   I hate you all. Just kidding.  (i hate you). 

(I call that proof - that's a silk dress, a hammer, those are nails holding the wood together...and pedicured foot... clearly.)

I'll keep you posted.  Gnite.

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