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Monday, May 24, 2010
  You have all the access in the world. Learn about your people and help the ones who are not used to being helped.

If you want to understand people, I suggest this book to you. 

Jung: Philosophy: Get with it.

Here is an excerpt that I excavated from one of my old notebooks from last year.  When I read a book this good, I copy down a lot of my favorite excerpts.

Man and his symbols:

“And I want to thank you above all for your unfailing tact and patience in helping me to circumvent the painful cause of my neurosis.  I am now ready to tell you everything about it.  If I had been able to talk freely about it I would have told you what it was at my first consultation.  But that would have destroyed my rapport with you.  Where should I have been then?  I should have been morally bankrupt.  In the course of ten years I have learned to trust you; and as my confidence gre, my condition improved.  I improved because this slow process restored my belief in myself.  Now I am strong enough to discuss the problem that was destroying me.”

This is why I always say, everyone has their reasons for what they do and cannot do, how they act or don't act.  It takes patience and understanding but for those who we care to help, the gratification when the day comes that they are helped, is all the reward you could ask for.

Film: Fantasy: Building Your Reality: Get wivvit!!!

LAURA: "It all started on an ordinary day in the most ordinary place in the world — the refreshment room at Milford Junction. I was having a cup of tea and reading a book that I got that morning from Boots. My train wasn't due for ten minutes. I looked up and saw a man come in from the platform. He had on an ordinary Mack, his hat was turned down and I didn't even see his face. He got his tea at the counter and turned. Then I did see his face. It was rather a nice face ... He passed my table on the way to his ... 'Oh please, could you give me a glass of water? I've got something in my eye and I want to bathe it.' That's how it all began, just through me getting a little piece of grit in my eye. I completely forgot the whole incident. It didn't mean anything to me at all. At least I didn't think it did ..."

Here's a great movie you can watch if you just want to appreciate those fleeting things that make all the difference in the world.

It's called "Brief Encounter"...

The WW II generation's "Lost in Translation."

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